Services Available to Members

  • Share Savings

    By opening a Share Savings Account, you establish membership with the credit union.

    •  $25 minimum to open account
    •  $100 average daily balance required to earn dividends
    •  Dividends paid quarterly
    •  10 free withdrawals per month
    •  Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction available
  • Share Draft (checking)

    With a credit union Share Draft Account, you will always have a copy of each check you
    write with our duplicate check styles.

    • No minimum balance required
    • $2,000 average daily balance required to earn dividends (if applicable)
    • Dividends paid monthly
    • No “per check” fee
    • Charge for checks vary, depending on style selected
    • Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction available
  • Visa Check/ATM Cards

    Looking for a faster, easier way to pay for your purchases? Our check access/ATM card is a new way to save time and eliminate hassles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • DEBIT – if you say “debit”, the transaction is processed through the ATM network and you must use a PIN #. You will be charged $1.50 per PIN transaction
    • CREDIT – if you say “credit”, the transaction is processed through the VISA network. All credit transactions are FREE ***when you choose “credit” and sign for your purchase it actually helps your credit union and other members because VISA transaction are more efficient and less costly than ATM transactions
    • Purchase goods and services as if you were writing a check
    • Purchases automatically deducted from your share draft account
    • Receipt given for each purchase/ATM transaction
    • Monthly statement shows detailed transaction descriptions
  • Share Certificates (CD’s)

    By purchasing a Certificate of Deposit, you are guaranteed a fixed rate of interest for a specific period of time.

    • Terms available are 7, 14, 20, 26, and 38 months
    • Tiered rates for $500-$4,999.99 and $5,000-above
    • $500 minimum required
    • Dividends paid quarterly and at maturity
    • Automatically renew (unless otherwise specified)
    • Penalty may apply if redeemed before maturity
    • May be used as security for a loan
  • Club Accounts

    With any of these accounts, you can save! Christmas, taxes, insurance, vacation, or just for a rainy day!

    • No minimum balance required
    • $100 average daily balance required to earn dividends (if applicable)
    • Dividends paid quarterly
    • Payroll Deduction available
    • Penalty may apply for early or excessive withdrawals
    • Christmas Club matures annually in October (other club accounts are available @ your convenience)
  • Audio Response

    FREE account access 24 hours per day. This feature allows you to perform many financial transactions and inquiries by phone.

    • (419)224-7833; call for your PIN if not already known
    • Obtain share and share draft (checking) balances
    • Request last 5 checking transactions
    • Transfer funds to your share draft, loan, etc…
    • Request a check withdrawal from regular share account
  • Consumer Loans

    Whether personal, auto, mobile home, R.V., or boat loan, we have the right loan for you. Dental, medical, repairs, remodeling, consolidation, updating your auto, going on vacation………..and more! Call for rates and terms.

    • $10 application fee
    • Short or long terms available
    • Match competitors auto rates and terms down to 2%.
  • Gap Insurance

    Guaranteed Auto Protection protects your vehicle loan(s) from insurance gap’s of retail value to loan balance.

    • One time fee (may be added to your new loan)
    • Pays difference of what your insurance company pays on your loan and what you actually owe Nickel Steel FCU if your vehicle is stolen or totaled.
  • Disability Insurance

    This insurance is optional for members on all consumer/real estate loans.

    • Available to both borrower and co-singer (provided members are employed 25 hours or more per week)
    • Monthly premium calculated into your regular monthly payment
    • Coverage starts on the 31st day off work due to illness or injury (does not have to be work related injury)
    • Covers loan balances up to $30,000 @ $600 per month up to age 66
    • Pre-existing conditions may apply
  • Credit Life Insurance

    This insurance is optional for members on all consumer. Life insurance protects your family from your debts if you pass away before your loan matures. Many members see this optional insurance as security for themselves and/or their loved ones.

    • Available to both borrower and co-signer
    • Monthly premium calculated into your regular monthly payment
    • Covers loan balances up to $15,000 up to age 70
    • Pre-existing conditions may apply
  • Internet Account Access (Online Banking)

    Nickel Steel Federal Credit Union is now open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! We offer unlimited access to your accounts from anywhere in the world, any time, day or night.

    • Free service to members
    • Request loan payments, withdrawals, transfers, or check re-order
    • View 90 day history of all accounts, along with dividends earned
    • Print statements of accounts
    • Reconcile checking account by date, ck #, transaction type, or amounts
    • Debit transactions are shown in red
    • Minimum balance notification
    • Send message to credit union via email (
    • Create “ALERT” messages: Request to be notified if account goes below requested balance, loan due, etc..
    • View all dividend and loan rates
    • View and learn about all the services and benefits we have to offer
  • Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit

    Can’t make it to your credit union every payday? Nickel Steel offers FREE direct deposit/payroll deduction for all payroll, pension, social security or disability checks. Check with you employer to see if they offer direct deposit.

    • Automatic loan payments
    • Automatic savings for regular, club, or IRA accounts
    • Automatic deposits for share draft (checking) accounts
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)

    FREE ACH service! Simply contact your payee, give them your account information, and let them do the rest.

    • Automatic bill paying from your account
    • Automatic deposits/credits to your account
    • Tax return automatically deposited to your account
  • Money Orders

    Nickel Steel Credit Union offers the convenience of sending “cash” but much safer. Another extra service members receive.

    • Cost is $1.00 Per money order
    • Receipt with each money order for your records
    • Like a business or personal check, money orders are traceable
  • Business Checks

    Need a more official check than one from your own personal checking account?

    • $1 per business check
    • Receipt with each business check for your records
  • Night Depository

    Nickel Steel Credit Union offers an “after hour” depository drop for your convenience. Located just behind the drive thru window.

    • Deposit envelopes provided
    • Deposits received are processed to your account 1st thing each morning
  • Notary Public

    A FREE service provided to members of Nickel Steel Federal Credit Union. Please bring in documents before signing as a Notary Public must “witness” the signature of each individual.

  • Wire Transfers

    Let us do the work for you! Give us a call, or come in to make a bank-to-bank wire transfer.

    • A quick, efficient way to send/receive funds from another financial institution.
    • $20 fee to send or receive
    • Same day service
  • Visa Gift Cards (various styles to choose from)

    The Visa Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion.  Cardholders can use their Visa Gift Card just like cash.

    • Cards are $2.00 each
    • Gift Cards can be used internationally with a 1% conversion rate fee taken directly off the balance of the card
    • Gift Cards can be loaded for a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $1,000.00.

    Gift receiver has the ability to personalize their Gift Card online and can also view their balance and transactions.