Fee Schedule

Revised as of 03/22/2018

The following fees may be assessed against your account.

Share/Share Draft Account (and related) Fees

Fee Schedule
Share Savings Service $5.00 Per month if the minimum balance of $25 is not maintained
$5.00 Per month if more than 10 withdrawals
$25.00 if funds are not available for Automatic Payment (ACH)
$5.00 Per month after inactive 1 year and account under $100.00
Statement copy$5.00 per account per month
IRS 1099 (reprinted)$2.00
Christmas Savings Service$20.00 (per withdraw) if funds withdrawn early
Vacation savings service$10.00 if over four (4) withdrawals per year
Bill Paying savings service$1.00 Per Check
Court Ordered Bill Paying Service$5.00 Per Check Withdrawal
Close Account$20.00 If account is closed within 12 months of open date
Re-Open Account $10.00 (Within 60 days of Closing)
Overdraft (Honor from Shares)$20.00 Per Item
Overdraft (NSF Return)$25.00 Per Item
Overdraft L.O.C. (Advance from Loan)$25.00 Per Item
Overdraft Loan Late Fee (no grace period)$20.00 Per Month
Returned Item $25.00 Per Item
Stop Payment$15.00 Per Request
Share Draft PrintingPrices vary depending upon style
Copy of Paid Draft $5.00 Per Copy
VISA CHECK CARD/ATM p.i.n. transaction$1.25 per transaction
VISA CHECK CARD/ATM card replacement$10.00 per card
VISA CHECK CARD/ATM p.i.n.reset/reorder$5.00

Miscellaneous Service Fees

Fee Schedule
Notary serviceFREE TO MEMBERS ($5.00 to non-members)
Account reconciliation$15.00 per hour
Deposited return item (2 party)$15.00 per item
Money order $1.00 each
Official credit union check$5.00 each
Internet account password reset$2.00 each time
Christmas Savings Service$20.00 (per withdraw) if funds withdrawn early
Consumer loan application$10.00 per loan request
1st Mortgage processingContact credit union
Home Equity processingContact credit union
Check cashing $5.00 or 1% of check/direct deposit amount, whichever is greater, if share account 30 day average balance is under $100.00 AND no other services are being used @ time of transaction. Overdraft Loan is excluded as a service.
Check cashing (non-member)$10.00 or 1% of check amount, whichever is greater (no personal checks accepted)
Electronic funds transfer (in/out)$20.00 per transfer
Account verification requests$10.00 per request
Returned mail (no forwarding address) $5.00 (one time fee)
Garnishment and/or tax levies$10.00 (per request)
Miscellaneous court ordered payments$5.00 (per request)
Visa Gift Card$2.00 each (can load from $10 – $500)
Regal Cinema Gift CardFREE (available in denominations of $10 or $25
Internet Banking reset$5.00 each occurrence (60 day inactivity or invalid/reset pin attempts)

The rates and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective for deposit accounts as of the effective date indicated on this Fee Schedule.  If you have any questions or require current fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.