Rikki R. Hatton

Laurie J. Hodosko

Tina McCormick

Supervisory Audit Committee

Charles E. Fisher

Deborah L. Altenbach

Sarah Evans

Board of Directors

John K. Altenbach, President

D. Steve Wood, Vice President

Howard E. Sealscott, Treasurer

Sharon A. Fisher, Director

James Dillard, Director

Sarah J. Evans, Treasurer

Angela Lewis, Secretary

Mission Statement

The Nickel Steel Federal Credit Union has been established to provide the best possible financial services to meet members’ ongoing needs through maintaining long-term financial assistance and safeguarding the assets of its members.


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The Ohio Steel Foundry Employees Lima Federal Credit Union was founded on November 10, 1953 to solely serve the employees of the Ohio Steel Foundry Co. of Lima, their immediate family members, and the employees of the credit union.

In March, 1973, the credit union changed its’ name to be Ohio Steel Federal Credit Union.

In February, 1988, the credit union once again changed its’ name to be Nickel Steel Federal Credit Union, hence combining the previous merge of the Nickel Plate Railroad (now known as Norfolk and Southern Railway Company) and the Ohio Steel Foundry of Lima (now occupied by Whemco and Superior Forge & Steel).

Ultimately, the credit union was built from the hard earned money of workers in Lima.  It was truly built by Lima for Lima.  Nickel Steel Federal Credit Union strives to uphold this time honored tradition.  Therefore the credit union has seen the need for a field of membership expansion due to the financial growth and opportunities in Lima, Ohio.

Nickel Steel FCU, a full service financial institution, offers savings, free checking, low cost loans, direct deposit, internet account services, and much more.